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  on the morning of september 1,2023,the launching ceremony of the first batch of projects to build changsha into a global research and development center was grandly held at the world computing·changsha intelligent valley in xiangjiang new area,hunan.shen xiaoming,secretary of the hunan provincial committee of the communist party of china,announced the launching of the phase-i project area,and mao weiming,deputy secretary of the committee and governor of hunan province,delivered a speech.provincial leaders li dianxun,wu guiying,xie weijiang,qin guowen,zhou haibing,and others attended the meeting.
  during the event,16 scientific research and innovation projects,including the cngr global science and technology innovation center,were signed.liu yi,assistant president of cngr,represented the company in signing agreements with the administration committee of the changsha area of the china(hunan)pilot free trade zone and the administration committee of the ningxiang national economic and technological development zone.this signifies that the center has officially settled in changsha to support the city's efforts to develop into a global central city for research and development(r&d).
  settlement in changsha
  creating the world's leading place of origin for new material innovation
  the cngr global science and technology innovation center project is an initiative of cngr as it celebrates its 30th anniversary and enters its 10th year in the new energy and new materials aims to establish a scientific research and innovation platform focused on new energy materials,new-type functional materials,and high-end equipment,providing strong technical support for cngr's vision to become a globally leading new materials science company.
  according to the plan,the center will fully leverage the scientific research,talent,and industry chain advantages of hunan and changsha to build a new type of science and technology innovation that integrates cngr global r&d headquarters,cngr global equipment r&d center,and cngr global testing center.the cngr global r&d headquarters,located in the changsha area of china(hunan)pilot free trade zone,will undertake functions such as cutting-edge exploration,fundamental research,process design,international academic exchanges,high-end r&d talent training,and advanced testing common services platform,and it is committed to becoming a new material r&d and innovation hub with global leadership and worldwide influence;the cngr global equipment r&d center,also situated in the changsha area,focuses on the r&d,outcome conversion,and technology output of new energy equipment such as lithium batteries and photoelectricity;located in ningxiang national economic and technological development zone,the cngr global testing center will be upgraded and expanded based on the existing research institute of cngr in ningxiang,and it is positioned to be a trial production verification platform for small-scale,pilot-scale,and quantitative tests in r&d and built into a base for new-type functional material r&d,trial production and early-stage mass production verification with the largest scale and the highest conversion efficiency in the industry.
  after completion,the project will create a gathering area for over 5,000 high-end r&d professionals and become a leading hub for new material innovation worldwide.this will contribute to changsha's transformation into a global r&d central city while infusing innovation vitality into hunan's ongoing endeavors to establish a scientific and technological innovation hub with core competitiveness.
  achieving greatness with science and technology
  technology-driven development,continuous investment in science and technology innovation
  as an international enterprise group with a focus on high technology,cngr has adhered to the development concept of"being technology-driven"and consistently centered its efforts around new materials for 30 years.after years of development,cngr has now established its research institute in ningxiang and built an industry-leading r&d and trial production plant with an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons.its r&d team has a scale of over 1,000 members and is armed with more than 2,000 pieces(sets)of advanced r&d and testing equipment.a mature and comprehensive platform for new material innovation has taken shape,which has been recognized as a national enterprise technology center and a national-level postdoctoral research workstation.
  in terms of scientific research investment,the group is committed to maintaining a consistent and high level of investment.currently,its research funding is continuously increasing at an annual growth rate of 2022,its investment in research funding will exceed 1 billion yuan.the number of its research teams is expanding at a rate of 30%per year.focusing on cutting-edge exploration,basic research,and r&d applications,it has made continuous breakthroughs in key and core technologies and led the technological development in the global new materials industry.
  moving forward,the group will adhere to the corporate mission of"strive for excellence in materials,achieve greatness with science and technology"and rely on the cngr global science and technology innovation center to continue to achieve scientific research innovation in new materials and facilitate the high-quality and-level development of the new materials industry,thereby fulfilling its vision of becoming a globally leading company in new materials science.
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