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accelerating the construction of global recycling industry|cngr and is dongseo signed a global battery recycling regional cooperation agreement -leyu手机版登录入口app

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  on march 19th,cngr signed a regional cooperation agreement with is dongseo.both parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in long-term supply and joint marketing of battery recycling products.representatives from is dongseo,kwon minseok and lee jungil,senior vice president tao wu and deputy general manager of the recycling department baek junhyup from cngr,attended the signing ceremony.

  it is reported that is dongseo is the only company in korea that has established a complete value chain for recycling waste batteries,from dismantling electric vehicles to recycling and commercializing raw materials.recently,its subsidiary is bm solution's battery pretreatment factory was completed in hwaseong,gyeonggi-do,south korea,and it is currently continuing to strategically collaborate with recycling equipment globally through mergers and acquisitions.
  in recent years,with the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market,the recycling of waste batteries has become a globally focused business a leading global technology enterprise in new energy materials,cngr has accumulated a rich technical know-how in raw material recycling and has obtained the dual qualifications of"cascade utilization and recycling utilization"recognized by the ministry of industry and information technology of china.the cooperation with is dongseo will further promote the collaboration between the two parties in battery recycling,and jointly promote the construction of a closed-loop industry from the material end to the recycling end.
  as a responsible global technology enterprise,cngr actively assumes social responsibility while providing customers with high-tech,high-quality new energy comprehensively builds complete utilization capabilities for retired power batteries,deeply lays out all links in the full recycling and utilization industry chain of retired power batteries,and minimizes the harm and impact of waste power batteries on the environment.the company has joined forces with excellent domestic and foreign enterprises to continuously carry out cooperation in the field of lithium battery recycling business,improve the global layout of the recycling industry,and make new energy battery materials truly recyclable and sustainable green materials.
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