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held for three consecutive sessions! over 200 enterprises gathered at this indonesian conference, which was specially co-leyu手机版登录入口app

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  from may 8th to 9th, shanghai steelhome (mysteel) teamed up with cngr and indonesia wanxiang new energy industrial park to host the "3rd international nickel, chrome, stainless steel and new energy industry development conference" in jakarta, the capital of indonesia.

  officials from indonesia's ministry of energy and mineral resources and ministry of investment, representatives of the indonesian nickel mining association, representatives of indonesian industrial parks such as tsingshan industrial park, delong industrial park, huadi industrial park, obi industrial park, kalimantan industrial park, and over 200 units including global nickel industry enterprises, research institutions, and associations participated in the event, jointly supporting the extension of indonesia's nickel industry chain downstream, from mining to terminal, from trade to entity, realizing diversified product and integrated industrial development, continuously building the "belt and road" initiative, and promoting the healthy development of indonesia's nickel industry.

  since 2022, the conference has been held for three consecutive sessions, becoming one of the most influential industry conferences in indonesia's nickel industry. as representatives of the special co-organizer of this conference, fu peiwen, vice president of cngr indonesia region, sun yadi, deputy general manager of futures and trade department of the operating headquarters, qiu xiang, assistant general manager of cngr indonesia region, and magdalena veronika, assistant general manager of the president's office of cngr indonesia region, attended the summit and discussed with over 500 entrepreneurs and industry experts on topics such as "nickel pricing, policies, demand, and market applications."

  at the opening ceremony, fu peiwen delivered a speech on behalf of cngr, saying, "as the largest economy in asean, the interaction and cooperation between china and indonesia are becoming increasingly close. in 2024, while indonesia's nickel industry is developing, it is also striving to promote the extension of the supply chain downstream to materials, batteries, and consumer terminals. in this process, deeper cooperation between chinese and indonesian enterprises has become an inevitable trend, which will also become another major opportunity for our development in indonesia."

  fu peiwen emphasized that indonesia is the first stop of cngr's globalization. after more than three years of development, it has formed a cngr indonesia industrial cluster with four major industrial bases, including the jakarta regional headquarters, morowali, widodare, north morowali, and south kalimantan. currently, the capacity of nickel resources smelting under construction and completed has reached 195,000 metal tons. cngr will build the indonesia region into a core unit for nickel resources and raw material supply, a major region for diversified nickel products, and an important base serving southeast asia and the world.
  during the keynote speech, qiu xiang delivered a keynote speech titled "nickel supply and demand prospects under the electric wave," analyzing the global distribution of nickel ore refining capacity, indonesia's regional refining capacity, and the current global supply and demand status of nickel. he elaborated on topics such as changes in nickel demand under the electric wave and the sustainable development of the nickel supply chain. he said, "in the future, the strategic reserve and resource management of nickel resources, the research and development direction of high-energy density, high-safety, and low-cost new energy battery material systems, and the research and development of single-crystal and polycrystalline ternary materials for power batteries are three key points that the industry chain needs to pay attention to."

  at the conference, 20 guests from institutions and organizations including asean energy center, central south university, indonesian nickel miners association, china passenger car association, apol, and world stainless steel association gave comprehensive and in-depth interpretations of the two major nickel industry chains in the future, providing important references for policy formulation and the development of industry enterprises.

  finally, at the "cngr night" dinner, qiu xiang delivered a toast on behalf of cngr, warmly welcoming everyone's arrival. the dinner brought indonesian-style cuisine and dance performances to everyone.

  indonesia is the first and crucial step for cngr's global development. 2024 is the first year for cngr indonesia to enter the "three-base production" era. cngr will continue to accelerate the construction of projects in indonesia, expedite the production and efficiency of production lines in indonesian bases, continuously improve the self-sufficiency rate of core raw materials, establish a more green, low-carbon, and resilient sustainable supply chain, create a diversified region for nickel products, and contribute to the company's high-quality development.
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