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struggle across the ocean|chen hailei:shoulder the burden to be the pioneer of cngr’s internationalization -leyu手机版登录入口app

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  editor’s note
  “all great achievements are the result of continuous struggle and all great undertakings need to be advanced in succession.”in just a few years,cngr has established industrial bases in tongren,guizhou;changsha,hunan;qinzhou,guangxi;and witnesses,pioneers,builders of cngr’s development and countless cngr’s employees rolled up their sleeves,sweated,and worked hard to make cngr the industry leader.
  from now on,the column of“struggle across the ocean”is launched to tell the story of cngr’s international pioneers and show the struggle spirit of cngr’s employees to live up to the great era and pursue their dreams.
  struggle overseas&shoulder the burden

  in june 2021,chen hailei came to the office as usual,working on the development and landing of new projects in cngr qinzhou industrial base.then,his phone rang.“i want to talk to you about something in my office.”half an hour later in one of the executive of the company,he was told that he is to be sent to indonesia to support the development of a new project.“to be honest,i felt that it was too sudden,and i thought about my child who had just started first grade,so i was a bit reluctant.”recalling the past,he still couldn’t erase the guilt he has for his child,“but the company chose me,which means the company values me and trusts me.i should live up to this trust,step up for this responsibilities and work for the company.”after chen hailei explained the situation to his family and reassured them,he decisively went to indonesia.

  “since we have chosen to go far away,we will only travel through wind and rain;since the goal is the horizon,we can only leave the world with our backs.”the poem by wang guozhen could not be more appropriate to describe such a pioneer as chen hailei.what kind of experience will he get in indonesia,a land of many beautiful islands and scenery?
  preparedness&efficient coordination

  chen hailei came to the unfamiliar land as deputy general manager for the international project development center of cngr international headquarters.he was responsible for all aspects of the project development in morowali industrial base.there were countless trials and challenges,so it was self-evident that he had great responsibilities and pressure.

  “although i had made adequate mental preparation before coming to indonesia,i found that the situation still exceeded my expectations after arriving here.”chen hailei told the author that he had to face conflicts between employees due to cultural differences,as well as adapt to indonesia’s safety,environmental protection,laws and other institutional requirements.for example,the connection of a certain electrical appliance is very simple,and chinese workers have always done it in accordance with the practice.there had never been any problem but indonesian workers thought the method used by chinese workers was not in accordance with the regulations,and there were safety risks.they doubted the method and even conflicted with chinese workers.“we had to explain patiently,respectfully and calmly to them so that both sides can reach a consensus.”it was complicated,he said,but it could accumulate a new amount of experience for the company on the way to internationalization.
  the work of a pioneer is complex and the pre-project development stage,chen hailei’s team needed to conduct detailed research on indonesian projects and carefully evaluate possible risk points.they had to find,track and evaluate indonesian project opportunities from the perspectives of indonesian’s political system,legal policies,religious and cultural beliefs,as well as establish contact with relevant market parties at all times.they also had to judge from the aspects of technology,environment,profit,and cost forecast.
  nowadays,morowali industrial base is full of cranes.under the blue sky,construction workers are busy around the clock.buildings are growing,the road network is extending in all directions,and the base is undergoing significant changes every day.“we build factories from the flat pioneers,everyone is full of energy”,chen hailei the second half of this year,cngr will start production of 6 nickel smelting lines in indonesia morowali industrial park(imip),with an estimated annual capacity of 60,000 tons.chen hailei is credited with the smooth progress of cngr’s first overseas base project.
  achievements are attributed to ambition and hard work

  “there are not many recreational activities here,so i just get up early to run and occasionally play basketball with my colleagues.running against the first ray of the sunshine,running towards the goal in mind,no matter what difficulties are encountered,keep running.”chen hailei is such a passionate yet optimistic man to face every day’s work and life.

  during his one-year stint in indonesia,chen hailei has been devoting himself to his work without distraction and has not been back to china even once.“a steadfast executor”is the role he positioned himself in the internationalization strategy of cngr.therefore,when the call for the construction of south kalimantan industrial park and weda bay industrial park was sounded,he once again accepted the task without hesitation.
  “perhaps in the near future,cngr’s projects will expand to europe,africa,and south long as the company needs me,i will resolutely implement it.”chen hailei’s eyes were full of determination when he said these words.
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