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training development

committed to building a career platform for every cngr man

cngr always advocates and follows the concept of "attracting talents with career, cultivating talents with practice and achieving talents with development", respects people's value, develops people's potential, sublimates people's soul, strives to empower employees, devotes itself to caring for employees in life, emotion and growth, stimulates employees' positive energy, provides employees with a broad career platform, good corporate culture and competitive work returns, and attracts the best talents.
in order to meet the needs of the rapid development of the company's business for talent construction, at present, cngr co., ltd. is gradually building a systematic learning and development system and making efforts to build a learning organization. improve the competence of talents through internal empowerment. by improving personnel performance, matching people with posts and satisfying personal career development demands, the construction of talent pools and echelons at all levels, improving the retention rate of talents, realizing the sustainable development of enterprises, delivering high-quality talents to the industry and promoting the synchronous development of the industry.

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